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Monster Truck Games

Top Truck Dirt bikes are fun if you just want to go fast, but for those of you that really want some excitement in your lives the Juicy Game Network brings you Top Truck. Like those dirt ..
Top Truck 2 The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, but now the real problem begins. There are zombies all over the world and we have nothing to do with them. That is until someone decided ..
Trooper Truck There is a war raging all around you and you have to get these supplies to our troops or the war will be lost to the forces of evil. Nobody wants that, but what can one lonely ..
Truck Mania Truck Mania is an amazing combination of two different genres and styles. First off, you have the challenge of making sure your cargo reaches the finish line in one piece while ..
Turbo Truck One day you are cruising through the desert, just having a good time in the sand. Off in the distance you see a bunch of trucks climbing mountains and sand dunes and you decide ..
Turbo Truck 2 There is no feeling in the world better than steel being crushed beneath your massive power. Hop into the driver's seat of your very own giant, car crushing monster truck. Turbo ..
Mining Truck The life of a miner is a very hard and rough life, but the rewards and money makes it all worth it. Mining Truck gives everyone the chance to try their hand at the rough life of a ..
Monster Truck Curfew Oh no! The fuzz have established a midnight curfew for all monster truck drivers and you are far away from home. In Monster Truck Curfew your mission is to make it home before the ..
Monster Truck Destroyer What is better than racing a monster truck at top speeds? Destroying everything in your path while racing monster trucks! That is exactly what Monster Truck Destroyer allows you ..
Monster Truck Trials Welcome to a playground of fun for every one. Monster Truck Trials comes along in a time of extreme racing games and gives you the chance to enjoy yourself again. Do not worry ..
Extreme Trucks The greatest monster truck race ever created is about to begin. This is going to be a very dangerous race, though, so do not take it lightly. Extreme Trucks Part 1: Europe is the ..
Extreme Trucks 2 Anyone can drive a monster truck through a course full of dangerous terrain, right? If this is what you think, then come on and see if you have what it takes to take your racing ..
Extreme Trucks 3 First there was the European leg of the world wide truck race. Then you made it through the second, and even more deadly, leg of this world wide race. Now comes the third, and ..
Big Monster Truck The sun is setting in the distance, but all you can think about is landing the next big trick in your ever expanding arsenal of flips and twists. Big Monster Truck is your chance ..
Big Truck Adventures 2 Great! You have not even finished your training at your brand new job and now the lead driver is out with the flu. Guess who is the only person left to make all the deliveries ..
Big Truck Adventures 3 The great outdoors is calling you and you must answer its call. Pack up your hardcore truck and head out to begin your mission. Somewhere out there is a lot of treasure and you ..

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